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blog details: PRESS RELEASE For immediate release June 8, 2022 It seems like everywhere you look today in the media people are talking about crypto currency, NFTs and the impact of blockchain technology. But everywhere the conversation seems to be the same except in the camp of BTI (Blockchain technologies Inc.). While the rest of the world is frantically trying to make a fast buck through speculation and flipping coins and NFTs, those in the BTI community are looking at the long term play. BTI leadership believes that as Crypto currencies become more mainstream that customer behaviours will dictate the need for technology to support every day activities and integration. For one example, BTI is working on exclusive proprietary technology that will allow for the integration of specialized technology into POS systems for retailers. What that means is with the specialized BTI technology retailers will be able to execute transactions in real time with crypto currency. This advancement in blockchain technology is one massive step towards creating a future where crypto currency can emerge in the mainstream usage. BTI recognizes that through history the speculator has often created the financial spark but it is the stable service providers that end up leading and dominating the marketplace. “We are seeing exactly the same thing in the crypto space as we did with the California gold rush,” Points out Ken Wong, president and founder of BTI, “Those who mined for gold in the late 1840’s were coming from a place of speculation, while those who gave them the picks and shovels made the most money with the least amount of risk. BTI is filling the same role as a modern service provider.” This reflection of the gold rush is exactly what we are seeing in the scenario with BTI. Speculators are busy trading crypto currencies, creating NFTs and trying to manipulate the crypto markets. Yet the entire time BTI is earning incredible returns as they are providing the behind the scenes technology support for a growing number of transactions involving crypto. In addition to providing software and technology support on the blockchain BTI is also involved in many of the traditional ways of making money through crypto currencies through partnerships and acquisitions. BTI has deliberately partnered and purchased many of the high performing players in the crypto space. Many believe that as the space becomes regulated that BTI is primed to become one of the most valuable asset holders and service providers in the crypto marketplace. BTI is certainly one of the key players in the crypto marketplace to keep an eye on. For more information go to

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