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blog details: 1. HR Manager HR managers oversee human resource policies and practices at their organization. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that employees are trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively. This includes hiring, training, and evaluating staff members. In addition, they may be responsible for employee relations, compensation, and payroll. 2. Recruiter Recruiters search for qualified candidates who meet the requirements of a company's position vacancies. They interview potential candidates and make recommendations about whether or not they should be hired. After interviewing, recruiters may conduct reference checks, background investigations, and drug tests before making a final decision. To request for all Jobs, Click here - https://www.crescendo-global.com/jobs 3. Training Coordinator Training coordinators coordinate training programs for employees. They plan and implement training courses and workshops for employees. They also help develop training materials and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. 4. Benefits Administrator Benefits administrators manage employee benefit plans, including retirement, insurance, and healthcare coverage. They work closely with employers to determine what types of benefits are offered and how much each employee pays toward those costs. They also handle claims and payments related to these benefits. 5. Human Resource Specialist Human resource specialists provide advice and guidance to management regarding personnel issues. They may assist with recruiting, training, and performance evaluations. They may also advise companies on legal matters involving employment law. Looking for Blog on Leadership hiring - https://www.crescendo-global.com/blog 6. Payroll Clerk Payroll clerks track and record wages and salaries paid to employees. They prepare paychecks and issue them to employees. They also maintain records of deductions, withholdings, and taxes owed by employees. 7. Employee Relations Representative Employee relations representatives resolve conflicts between employees and supervisors. They may mediate disputes and recommend solutions to problems. They may also represent employees in grievances filed with management. Looking for Human Resource jobs in India - https://www.crescendo-global.com/jobs/human-resources You may also be interested in the following Jobs: • Senior Manager – Employee Data Management & HR Delivery Strategy – 16 + Years of exp. • Associate - Compensation & Benefits (Pharma)-E (5-7 years) • Consultant – Compensation & Benefits – 4+ years of exp. Contact Details Crescendo Global Crescendo Global is a global Leadership Hiring & Recruitment Firm. Fortune 500 companies are our clients and we help them hire the right people at the right time. Our industry expert consultants provide end to end talent solutions. We are India's top Phone: 083888 50000 Our Useful Links Web: https://www.crescendo-global.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crescendo-global Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrescendoIndia Medium: https://medium.com/@crescendoglobal Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/crescendoglobal/ Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Crescendo-Global

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