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blog details: Math, for the longest time, has been a misjudged subject. Kids have loathed it, and as they got older they passed on this hatred to their successors. And so, this went on for years. Thankfully, in recent times, math has been made fun because of a number of learning games and activities. The truth is that math can be quite an enjoyable subject if it's taught to children in a simple and effective way. Firstly, they've got to get rid of the notion that math is the enemy, it isn’t. And at SKIDOS, we can prove it! We have curated a host of math games for kids like our cool math car game that will make them love math. These games are educational and entertaining, making the math concepts easy to grasp and retain. We all know that math is an essential subject that cannot be avoided; it's going to be needed and used throughout life. And when the SKIDOS games are so easily accessible and extremely easy to navigate, why not give it a try? Here are some of our best ones that your kids will love. 1)  Cube Puzzle - Cool Math Games Puzzle To make things fun, our games are not only educational games for 5 year olds; they are a variety of games that have math concepts, puzzles, and activities infused in them. This one is a cube puzzle, similar to a jigsaw puzzle, that is perfect for your toddler. There is a cube, and the pieces are rotatable. Your toddler has to rotate them until the image is right. Once they do this for all pieces, the cube will be complete and they will have completed the level. On completing every level, they will collect stars, rewards, power-ups, and much more. Also, before moving on to the next level, there are simple math concepts that they will learn and be able to practice.   2)  Jigsaw Puzzle Of course, we had to make one of the educational games for kindergarten too for the kids. Now, instead of buying them a bunch of jigsaw puzzles, you can simply download this game. There are over 10 images that your child can choose from, all of which are adorable farm animals. There are varying difficulty levels; you can choose between 6, 12, and 24-piece puzzles for your child. Start with the basic ones, and when you feel they are ready, you can challenge them with the difficult ones. Between levels, there are some fun math mini games that they can play, making this a educational games for toddlers for your toddler.   3)  Animal Coloring Coloring, as an activity, has no age limit. Whether you're in preschool, middle school, college, or office, coloring is something that will bring you joy. And so, we couldn’t leave out coloring games for kids. This game has multiple cute little animals that your child can color. There are loads of colors in the color palette, plenty of coloring tools like brushes, crayons, pencils, etc., and even some fun stickers that they can decorate their final drawing with. The splash of colors is bound to make them happy, and the best part for parents is that there are some basic and advanced math concepts being taught within this game.   4)  Bakery Most kids can't get enough of cakes and chocolates, and very often, they are quite curious as to how these things get made. So, we thought of developing a game where they can be little bakers. In this game, the player is a baker and will understand various recipes and ingredients. Your child will learn new words like sugar, milk, eggs, flour, etc., allowing them to improve their vocabulary. They can bake their favorite cakes and pastries and learn all about how the ingredients, together, make the final product. The game also has a number of math concepts that are taught to the player in simple and fun ways; there are mini math games too that will help them practice.   There are over 40 learning games including our cool math car games, coloring games for kids, and spelling games that you will find on the SKIDOS apps, and there's something for kids of all ages. You can alter the difficulty level and customize the games to your liking, access the multi-language support if you need help, and track your child's progress through the dashboard present in every game. Don’t wait too long, explore the SKIDOS learning apps today! 

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