To what extent will your kid benefit from preschool educational games?

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blog details:     Internet is an integral part of every Gen Z kid's life. When it comes to online games, more than 76% of children between the ages of 2-17 play them. Developers have now created valuable and constructive games for kids that combine fun and learning. Educational games have become a great way to impart education to kids. For preschoolers, educational games have several benefits. Kids can learn and play anytime and anywhere in a safe place of their choosing. Educational games for kids encourage personalized learning. Kids can focus on their strengths and weaknesses instead of the standard curriculum. Educational games with multi-player modes also promote socializing among kids. Kindergarten learning games help kids enhance their language and communication skills too. Here are five more ways in which kids benefit vastly from educational games. Digital knowledge The majority of the world operates digitally, from ordering groceries to complex banking transactions. This is why kids need to develop a healthy relationship with technology. Although online learning existed before the pandemic after the pandemic online learning became more prevalent. Kids are now expected to learn how to operate computers and mobiles at a basic level so that they can join online classes and learn. Playing online kids learning games frequently gets kids accustomed to technology and they acquire digital knowledge. Games also develop fine motor skills in kids which are useful in operating devices. Real-world knowledge Kids that are introduced to different objects and situations are far less likely to develop anxiety issues. Preschoolers often deal with issues like fear of unknown surroundings and separation anxiety. Math games for kids for preschoolers can introduce kids to new situations and surroundings. Kids can play online games that teach them about the real world in a safe space of their choosing. Games like Superstore Shopping Mall introduce kids to the real world in a fun and safe manner. Kids can learn about food, hairstyles, people, different objects, shopping, money, and more. Kids are thus empowered with knowledge and have far less social anxiety. Thinking Games develop abilities like analytical and critical thinking in children. The ability to think helps kids plan, initiate, organize, and execute tasks. Games help strengthen kids' imagination. Educational games for kids like Fantasy World, introduce kids to creatures from fairy tales like trolls, gnomes, witches, dragons, and a lot more! Games also spark a kid's curiosity about different subjects. Games like Doctor let children step into the shoes of a doctor and learn about their profession. Thus, educational games enhance imagination and curiosity which in turn enhances thinking abilities in kids. Mood regulation Educational games for kids help them in solving puzzles, exercises, and problems. When kids overcome challenges within games it develops their confidence. Losing is also a part of playing any game. Games teach children to build resilience when they lose and teach them to play through frustration. Games can thus help regulate mood by working on the positive and negative aspects of behavior. Games like Go Ball are great educational games for 5-year-olds and older. Go Ball is an appropriately challenging game wherein kids have to move the tiles to create a path for the ball to roll over to the other end. Puzzle-solving builds kids' confidence while teaching them to persevere during tougher puzzles. Skill development With games, children can develop excellent hand-eye coordination skills. Games that involve executing tricks or fast-paced actions help children develop better reflexes. The skills kids learn while playing games are transferrable, which means the skills they develop while learning games are also used while they're in the real world. Hand-eye coordination and reflexes are important in physical activities too. Educational games for preschoolers like Runners include fast-paced action. Children have to smash through unhealthy foods while running as far as they can. While doing so they also learn to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods. Flipping Eck is another educational game for 5-year-olds and older that teaches kids coding.     Educational games for preschoolers benefit them in numerous ways. With educational games, preschoolers can get introduced to different subjects, build their knowledge, develop skills, and have fun, all at the same time. SKIDOS develops educational games for children of all ages. Our goal is to combine education with fun. We offer over 40 safe and kid-friendly games for children of all ages. With our SKIDOS subscription pass, up to 6 users can connect to an account. Our games are safe and ad-free. With the SKIDOS pass, parents can also check their kids' progress on the dashboard every week! SKIDOS aims to empower every preschooler with the knowledge that'll benefit them in formal schooling.

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