Do I need a Subscription Management and Billing system to manage my Subscription Business?

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blog details: Business survival has become more customer-centric these days. Organizations are offering anything and everything as a Service and on Subscription. Customers are also increasingly adopting such business offerings and are happily enjoining services and products. A subscription business model, in which customers subscribe to a service/product, commit to paying a recurring fee at regular intervals, is attractive in several aspects for both customer and business. There is an increasing demand for many services/products offered on Subscription. We have witnessed many startups, business houses, SBUs that have launched services and products on subscription. While the core service offering is on the business portal, there are several challenges these organizations are facing to manage the multifold subscriber’s profile management, charging per usage, customer-centric packaging and pricing, etc. . Which could possibly help a business navigate those challenges? As a Subscription business do I need a Subscription Management and Billing system for my Subscription Business.

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