The top 12 smart ways for academic success.

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blog details: Contrary to popular belief, achieving academic success for kids includes more than just studying hard and avoiding distractions. Experts, parents, researchers, and psychologists agree there is more to achieving academic success. Children's academics are affected by their social, emotional, psychological, financial and physical state. Apart from that, every child is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. Although working hard and avoiding distractions might be necessary, using new educational resources like best games for 3 year olds and focusing on mental health and behavior is also necessary. Knowing this, parents might need a few more hints. Here are 12 smart ways for children to achieve academic success. 1. Seeking assistance from their teachers Across all cultures, teachers and tutors are always ready to help. Sometimes children can be shy to ask for help. Teaching children to seek assistance from teachers helps them learn better. 2. Knowledge of all study resources available Today numerous study resources are available to children apart from just formal schooling. These study resources include websites, books, tutors, educational games, and coloring games for kids & much more. Children can choose from the study resources available and personalize their education. 3. Educational apps Educational apps are a great way for children to learn subjects anytime and anywhere. Cool math car game like Street Soccer can motivate children to learn math as they play soccer. On the other hand, while playing cool math games like Race Cars and Bike Racing, children can learn about automobiles, geometry, math, puzzles, logic, and coding! 4. Time management (learning through play) Time is valuable for kids too! During childhood children learn a lot about themselves and the world around them. Play time is less because children need to attend formal schooling too. Children taught to value time and shown how to use it effectively can play, enjoy, be happy, and be academically successful! All at the same time! 5. Avoiding procrastination Instilling discipline from an early age and teaching children time management is necessary. However, child care experts agree that communicating with children and understanding them is the best way to get the point across. Children that intrinsically understand the value of discipline are far less likely to procrastinate. 6. Focus Certain subjects like math and science can be difficult, uncreative, and boring for children, which is why children might lack concentration. Introducing children to these subjects with educational games like Brain City or Doctor helps children develop their interest, focus, and general love for these subjects. 7. Practice Knowledge and practice are critical for academic success. Reading can be the best way for children to revise and relearn most subjects. However, to become better at subjects like math, children might not benefit enough from books. Math requires consistent practice. Cool math games like Flipping Eck help children practice and learn math in a fun way. 8. Learning by themselves Sometimes children require more than formal schooling to get ahead in academics. Children that learn by themselves, relearn, and revise can get ahead academically. Learning by oneself is even more essential during college education. Cool math games for kids like Pirates can teach children to learn by themselves while playing games. 9. Developing a positive attitude A positive attitude is crucial to succeeding in life. A positive attitude toward learning helps children persevere & succeed even when things are not going their way. Education, play, games, and social interactions teach children to negotiate, handle failure, and develop a positive attitude. 10. Good habits Children who are taught good habits develop intrinsic motivation and don't rely on extrinsic motivation to complete tasks. Good habits like discipline, self-care, time management, and delaying gratification can help children eliminate procrastination and complete tasks. Games like Bath are great at introducing good habits to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten-going children. 11. Relaxing Childhood isn't all about work and education! Children have to multitask several things from an early age when their brain is still developing. Apart from learning, children need to take time to relax, play, socialize and develop extracurricular interests too. Children that spend time playing and relaxing have better imagination. They are also better at understanding social cues and social situations. 12. Learning on holidays Some time off from academics (holidays and vacations) is necessary for children. However, learning through play can help children relax and keep in touch with the habit of learning. Cool math games for kids like Smart Boats and Snow race can help children learn through play.     Here at SKIDOS, we understand the value of education and learning through play. Our games combine fun and learning and help children learn different topics and build skills. SKIDOS has developed games ranging from coloring games for toddlers to cool math soccer games for K-12. We have developed over 40 games for kids of all ages. Our Games are fun, safe, kid-friendly, and contain no ads. With our SKIDOS subscription pass as many as 6 users can access an account. Visit SKIDOS- the Netflix of learning games today!

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