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blog details: Many couples who have faced uncertainty when trying to conceive naturally have found hope in IVF. IVF is a possible option that can help them have their biological child. As technology and research progress, many developments are taking place in this field. However, there are some facts about the IVF treatment that is still unknown to those who decide to take it. IVF is a long process. Many couples make the mistake of looking at IVF as a quick fix and having a baby whenever they want. IVF involves the process of egg retrieval to fertilization and embryo transfer. A cycle can take you three weeks. IVF cannot solve infertility problems. The fact that you cannot conceive can mean various things. Infertility is one of the root causes of infertility. If you are in this situation, IVF can help you get pregnant, but it is not a diagnosis of infertility. Your oocytes can be frozen. You can choose to freeze your eggs and sperm for later use during IVF. This can be helpful if you are planning to conceive later in life, especially if you are receiving treatment that may affect your ability to conceive. Results are not guaranteed. In India, the success rate of IVF is usually between 30% to 35%. This percentage is influenced by various factors and no specialist can guarantee that your treatment will be completely successful. Sometimes couples have immediate success with treatment, while others require additional cycles to achieve results. Having a child is not the end of the road. To be honest, until you cry at the birth of your child, you are worried and unsure of what will happen. Even after a positive pregnancy test, there are many things to deal with. Among these are complications and false-positive results. It can affect your mental health. The real waiting begins when the fetus returns to your body. A successful pregnancy test can give you results up to two weeks after treatment, which can be a long time. Your body will go through a lot of changes during this time and the uncertainty surrounding it may be too much to bear. Depression and anxiety caused by hormone injections and medications can be severe. Yes, there are some side effects. The side effects of IVF vary from woman to woman. From fatigue to depression and bloating, you may go through many changes that are not good for you or your body. Some of these may be limited by medication, but there is still a reason to expect them. Your diet and lifestyle habits are important. To ensure the success of the procedure, keep track of what you eat and how much you sleep and avoid alcohol and smoking. Exercise is essential for your body to respond positively to this process. Premature baby In some IVF cases, the chances of having a premature baby are very high. As a result, the baby may weigh less than usual, requiring incubation for some time after birth. After a failed IVF attempt, you can try again. Due to the increasing success rate of IVF, it is possible to conceive your biological child even after a failed IVF attempt. Although it is a difficult process, there is hope for you if you try it once. Related blog: 10 Important Questions You Must Ask Your IVF Specialist On Your First Visit.

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