How is our Power of One NGO helping the elderly in India?

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blog details: When we are busy developing ourselves, chasing our dreams, and making decisions to succeed somewhere, we overlook or ignore older adults and their needs. There may be several reasons to do so, but these older people are deprived of our timely attention, love, and care to meet their needs. Another primary reason these adults suffer is the increased number of nuclear families in our modern society. These issues are growing and require solutions from everyone, including family members and the community. NGOs, non-profit organisations, are among several hands that support these older adults and provide help related to medical, food, clothes, and shelter. NGOs are usually designed to serve the needy and poor by supporting them and helping in fields like education, medicine, employment, women empowerment, and more. These teams of passionate helpers dedicate their time to providing selfless help and supporting the community and nation. When we discuss these NGOs, there are several top ngo in India, and every existing NGO works extensively from their perspective. These NGOs are spread and found in most cities and towns. The Power of One - the best ngo in Nagpur Since 2016, the Power of One NGO has been dedicated to serving locals and people in the surrounding regions. The volunteer team has serviced thousands of poor and needy people, especially during the covid season. When we discuss their work and help for older people, the team has served them differently. Following are the services they provided to the older adults in Nagpur and surrounding regions. They supported an older woman aged 75 for a free eye cataract operation. They also helped them with medicines and food for months until she recovered completely. They give shelter to older adults whose families abandoned them or left their homes due to their ill behaviour. During the covid season, the team spotted several older people in poor health. They distributed clothes, food, and medicines and helped them to survive during a pandemic. They build nursing homes and shelter them, including food. Besides this, they also counsel them often to recover them from traumas. Several older adults could not bear the ill behaviour or accept the truth that their families had abandoned them. It hits them mentally. The team supports them, makes them feel at home, and cares for and loves them. Ending lines Old age is a brutal truth for everyone. We cannot escape from it. These NGOs are genuinely doing a great job by supporting them. If you ever encounter an older person who requires help, please inform the Power of One NGO, based in Nagpur.

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