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blog details: Rosemary has been a part of the Mediterranean lifestyle for centuries. It derives its name from two Latin words, ‘Ros’ which means dew and ‘Marinus’ which means the sea. Hence, the literal translation of Rosemary becomes ‘dew of the sea’. Belonging to the mint family, Rosemary is known for its energising, herby scent. In ancient times, Rosemary was considered so powerful that people used to wear necklaces made of Rosemary leaves to ward off the plague! Besides, even students were advised to wear it around their neck as garlands because Rosemary was considered to improve memory! Even today, Rosemary is used as an important ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and also as raw material for making essential oils and incense. Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils, which is used across the world. One of its major applications is in beauty treatments that target hair health. What makes Rosemary so popular and why choose Rosemary oil for the hair is one of the most asked questions around the world. Let us understand the reasons: WHAT MAKES ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL SO POWERFUL? Rosemary is rich in Carnosic acid which is considered very useful in healing skin tissue and for repairing nerve damage. When applied on scalp, Carnosic acid in Rosemary essential oil helps in healing the nerve endings which in turn helps rejuvenate hair growth. Another reason why Rosemary finds use in hair treatments is because it mimics the action of a chemical named Minoxidil which is used in hair-loss treatment. Rosemary could deliver performance similar to Minoxidil but sans its side-effects like severe itching of the scalp. HOW DOES ONE USE ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL HAIR OIL TO IMPROVE HAIR HEALTH? While Rosemary Oil is good for health, unfortunately, it is too strong to be applied directly to the skin. If applied directly, it may even burn the skin or cause severe rashes. Hence, Rosemary oil is often diluted with Olive oil and then applied to hair. To prepare the ideal blend, add 10 ml of Rosemary Essential oil to 250 ml of Olive oil and shake well before application. Organic extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. It promotes healthier hair, fights hair loss and relieves dry scalp. Therefore, a combination of Extra Virgin Olive oil with Rosemary Essential Oil can be immensely beneficial for the hair. HOW TO APPLY ROSEMARY OIL ON HAIR? Just like any other hair oil the mixture of Rosemary oil and Olive oil can be applied on the scalp with your fingertips. Leave the blend in the hair for 1-2 hours before rising off, to enjoy the full benefits of the oils. WHAT PRECAUTION MUST BE TAKEN WHILE APPLYING ROSEMARY OIL TO HAIR? - Never apply undiluted Rosemary oil directly to the skin / scalp. - Always use organic Rosemary oil. Still better if the Olive oil is extra-virgin and cold-pressed. An easy way to achieve good results is by simply opting for Camia Rosemary Oil and Camia Olive Oil. Both these USDA-certified oils are sourced sustainably and extracted naturally. Further, they are PETA certified, packed in 100% recyclable plastic-free containers, and are silicone-free, and hexane-free. Now that you know the reasons why Rosemary Essential oil is preferred for addressing issues like hair fall, receding hairline, or even dandruff, always go for Camia, which is the easy way to get the best results. For more details visit - www.mycamia.com Or contact us on +919321237326, you can also write us on - hello@mycamia.com

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