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blog details:   The most enjoyable activity for kids is playing games. This Christmas kids can play Christmas-themed games online and learn at the same time. Kids can let go of boring ways to study, like homework and math worksheet for preschoolers & graders and instead play a fun maths learning game. Christmas themed online math games for kids can be really fun. Christmas learning games have several themes like sports, fantasy, adventure, racing, flying, cooking, and more! These games are sure to interest kids of all ages. SKIDOS has developed over 40 games for kids with adhd. Our Christmas pass bundle can be the best Christmas activity for your kids. With our Christmas pass, bundle children can have fun, learn, and grow during Christmas. Have a look at all the games in our special Christmas bundle pass. Play and Discover SKIDOS Play and Discover, is filled with interactive animations and puzzles that teach kids letters, shapes, animals, fruits, numbers, and colors. With Play & Discover, kids learn several things by solving colorful puzzles that have interactive animations, this makes it a fun learning experience for kids. Games like Play and Discover are great for toddlers and preschoolers as they help kids acquire basic knowledge and teach them about their surroundings. Playing SKIDOS' Play and Discover is a great way to prepare children for schooling.  With the special SKIDOS Christmas bundle, kids can visit new locations like the north pole, circus, and kitchens within the game. Kids can help Santa Claus pack the toys and presents! The Christmas bundle also showcases underwater life and kids can also build a snowman! Fantasy Game Fantasy Game is a wonderful and imaginative game for kids who love adventure and fantasy. Fantasy World is kindergarten learning games that lets kids explore a beautiful world filled with fairy creatures, like trolls, gnomes, witches, dragons, and more. Kids can create new creatures in the polymorph lab, cook royal banquets for their kingdom, and enjoy soccer high above the clouds! Kids can find keys & jewels, make princess dresses, and make magic potions too. Kids can solve math puzzles during their adventure, which makes Fantasy Game one of the most unique online math games for kids.  With the SKIDOS Christmas bundle, kids can visit Santa Claus island and his workshop! Kids can help Santa, ride the reindeer sleigh, and decorate the Christmas tree. With the Christmas theme within Fantasy Game kids can design winter clothes and make Christmas candies too! Planes Planes is a learning games for 4 year olds wherein kids can fly planes and learn math simultaneously! Planes lets kids build airplanes on their own by assembling 3D airplane parts! Assembling different parts helps kids develop their imagination, visuospatial ability, and problem-solving skills. Kids can fly and play with more than 10 unique planes. Planes also has thousands of math & coding puzzles which is plenty more than most online math games for kids. Games like Planes are great for kids obsessed with aviation!  With the SKIDOS Christmas Bundle, kids can build Christmas-themed planes! Kids can assemble several cool planes by putting together their wings, propellers, windows, and wheels! Kids can build a special Santa Plane and take it for a flight! Bakery Bakery is a very unique maths learning game. While playing the game Bakery, kids learn to bake, use real recipes, and solve math puzzles. Bakery helps kids master math skills with audio and pictures. Kids learn to solve math problems, puzzles, and exercises that teach them math, number sense, logical thinking, and fractions.  With the SKIDOS Christmas Bundle, kids get to bake several delicacies with their cute little monster friends! Kids learn to bake real Christmas and holiday cakes with real ingredients. Bakery is a really relaxing online math game for kids that teaches them math and baking. Reading, doing homework, and solving math worksheet for preschoolers & graders aren't the only ways they can learn! Online learning games can be really fun and helpful in helping toddlers and preschoolers learn and grow. Keeping this in mind, SKIDOS has developed over 40 games for kids that are safe, valuable, and kid-friendly. With our SKIDOS subscription pass, up to 6 users can enjoy the benefits of a single account. Visit skidos.com for our subscription pass and the special SKIDOS Christmas bundle!    

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