Boost Your Essential Tips To Take Care Of Newly Planted Trees With These Tips

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Every tree, in theory, finds the right place and time to grow. All of these trees share sunlight and nutrients with the trees around them. However, a few years later, those well-behaved trees would become a potential hazard, crowding out other trees and endangering the environment. As a result, even if the tree is healthy, it may need to be removed.

Professional Tree Pruning Services in Westwood NJ are also required for proper clearing. Here are three reasons why healthy trees should be removed.

Encourage the Growth of Preferred Trees

When two or more trees compete for root space and sunlight, it may be necessary to remove healthy trees. Most trees have roots that extend nearly twice the width of their crown and lie a foot and a half above the soil's surface.

Removing one tree from the group can improve others' access to moisture, nutrients, and light. As a result, the remaining trees will grow faster and healthier.

Dispute Settlement

You are responsible for every tree on your property. So, if your neighbors are complaining about encroachment or branches falling in their yards, you must resolve the issue. It is your responsibility to keep your trees in good shape so that they do not interfere with your neighbors' property.

Whenever they raise a disagreement, arrange a meeting with your neighbors to discuss the issue in person. You will have a good relationship with your neighbor if you plan ahead of time and take prompt action. And, if you're lucky, your neighbor may be willing to split the cost of Arborist Services in Emerson NJ for tree removal or pruning.

Disaster Prevention

Do you have a large old oak tree in the front of your property? People may be using it as a landmark and have been watching it grow for years. It's also possible that the tree's roots are getting too big and cracking your house's foundation.


As a result, even healthy trees can be harmful at times. If you encounter such a problem, you should seek the assistance of professional arborists for Tree Pruning Services in Hillsdale NJ.

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