How AI Helps Develop A Better Leader?

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blog details: Machines have always helped improve how people work, from simple machines that help with manual physical work, to more advanced ones that help with more complicated tasks like computation and data analysis. With the developments in technology, especially in AI, it’s not surprising that AI is involved with almost every aspect of the workplace. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a machine’s ability to demonstrate human-like capabilities. It mimics human intelligence in machines making them able to learn from algorithms, adapt to and process large amounts of data, and handle repetitive tasks without human assistance. AI is often thought to eventually replace humans in the workplace, but instead of being viewed as a threat, AI can be viewed as collaborators that aid humans play to their strength. Traits like emotional intelligence, organizational knowledge, critical thinking, a sense of reasoning and moral judgment, and creativity, among others, are needed in a workplace, especially in a leader; and while there are processes and tasks that AI can take over, the need for a human element is still there. AI may not be able to replace these human qualities but here are a few ways AI can help with leadership development. For business advisory services and company

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