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blog details: 1.What is a WPC pergola? A WPC pergola is a structure that uses wood composite posts, beams and fins to create an outdoor living space. This structure can be created and placed in gardens, by pool sides, on terraces and just about any outdoor space. WPC pergolas are perfect for use as a screened-in porch, sunroom, or small garden sit-out. They are also popular for use as an extension of a patio. WPC, being a material with premium wood aesthetics and highly durable in exteriors without any maintenance, is the perfect and most well suited material to create pergolas and gazebos. 2.Where can WPC pergolas be used or installed? WPC pergolas can ideally be used in gardens, terraces, by the pool side and as a screened-in porch, sunroom, or small garden sit-out. They can also serve as an extension of a patio. 3.Can WPC pergolas replace steel pergolas? Pergolas with steel frames are heavy, highly prone to rusting and damage due to harsh weather conditions. They require regular periodic painting maintenance involving expenses. On the other hand, Everwood WPC planks can withstand years of sun, rain, and snow. These high-performance composite profiles hold sturdy against natural elements; they resist fading from the sun and won’t get mouldy after a rainstorm or give you splinters. Therefore, it is good to replace steel pergolas with lightweight WPC pergolas. 4.How is a WPC pergola better than a wooden pergola? Wooden pergolas are built from lightweight or hardwood timbers such as pine, oak, ash and other similar timbers that are quite expensive. Wood or natural timber requires regular maintenance by sanding, oiling and anti-termite treatment every 6 months to maintain the condition of the wood, which becomes exorbitantly expensive and troublesome over the life of the material. WPC pergolas on the other hand are free from any sort of maintenance whatsoever and stand the test of time in all kinds of weather, allowing the pergola structure to look as good as new for years. 5.What maintenance is required for a WPC pergola? WPC pergolas do not require any major maintenance on a regular basis. All you need to do is to clean with a soft brush or cloth using water and a mild detergent so that dirt and other contaminants that may have gathered over time can be easily removed. Of course, periodic inspection of the structure helps in detecting any signs of damage that might have occurred with extreme impact. 6.Is WPC a suitable material for a terrace pergola or garden pergola? Yes, WPC is a material suitable for both terrace and garden pergolas. The characteristics of lightweight, durability, flexibility in design, aesthetics, low maintenance, and natural wood looks make WPC pergolas the perfect solution for outdoor – the terrace, garden pool side, anywhere. 7.What is the life of a WPC pergola? WPC pergolas are extremely durable and not susceptible to harsh weather conditions. They are resistant to fading, impact, rot, moisture, and termites. A pergola made of good quality WPC profiles easily lasts for 10 to 15 years with just simple periodic cleaning. 8.Are WPC pergolas in India a suitable architectural feature? With supreme aesthetics, exceptionally high weathering capability and virtually no maintenance, WPC has become the material of choice for pergolas in India. WPC extrusions are more durable and resistant to fading, moisture, insects, and rot than wood and are therefore more suitable. However, it is important to choose high grade, superior quality WPC pergola profiles that come with a manufacturer warranty, since inferior quality WPC products do not perform well in harsh weather conditions. 9.What is the WPC pergola price in India? The price of WPC pergolas depends on the design, style and size of the pergola and also on the components used. Sometimes it is a standalone pergola and sometimes it is attached to a wall. Based on all these criteria, the cost of a good quality WPC pergola can range between Rs. 850 per square foot and 1500 per square foot. 10. Where can one source a WPC pergola from? There are several brands of WPC panels available in India, with a few offering the quality required to withstand Indian weather conditions. Everwood WPC has been a pioneer and leading supplier of premium quality WPC products across India for the last 12 or more years. Everwood WPC pergolas have unmatched material density, product quality and weathering capability. They are specifically formulated and tested for diverse Indian tropical climatic conditions. 11.Can a WPC pergola be painted? WPC pergolas do not require any maintenance such as oiling, painting or sealing. However, to change the colour from the original wood tone, one can paint the surface with colours of choice. 12. Can a WPC pergola be covered with glass or any other material? Yes, WPC pergolas can be covered with lightweight materials like polycarbonate, glass and shade nets on both the top and the sides, provided they are properly fastened to the pergola. They can shield the user from harsh sunlight and rainwater. Source Link : https://www.tumblr.com/everwoodwpc1-blog/713028471989862400/everwood-faqs-wpc-pergolas?source=share Tags : WPCD, wpcdecking, wpcworlds, wpc,wpcflooring,wpccladding ,wpcpergolas


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