Wondered about the post-Covid scenario of Single Screen Theatres? Find out

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blog details: Covid has brought several changes in society, one of which is noticeable in the field of entertainment. The overall health of people has been greatly affected due to the changes caused in the health conditions or the scar left back in the minds of the afflicted ones. Deprived of our usual urban spectacles, we are denied the spectacle of sprawling evening-lit streets, the hustle and bustle of overcrowded malls, the symphony of constant loud music in cafeterias, and the tantalizing aroma of vendors serving their scrumptious snacks. Once a bastion of regional and Bollywood movies, the single-screen theatre has fallen from grace in the wake of Covid, with plummeting sales reflecting a stark contrast in audience preference for the more glamorous multiplex experience, which is now the order of the day. No longer do we see the iconic imagery of single-screen theatres immortalized on the silver screen, as the glory days of this cinema style fade into the mists of time.

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