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blog details: In Hirangarh, no one had ever seen the guy before. The man who appeared to be amnesiac was the root cause of all the chaos. Ramesh Guna offered him refuge. ‘Gopal’ was his given name. Dinesh Guna, the deceased father of Ramesh, resurfaces as a ghost and meets Gopal. It's challenging to comprehend Gopal's identity. Some claim that he is the mobster Lalu Mondal. Whereas, police consider him to be SDPO Madhav Sarkar. In the meantime, Neelu met Baghu in the Hirangarh forest. The latter has excellent tree-climbing skills and can watch out for the miscreants. Again, a sadhu Baba appears in Ramacharan’s dream and gifts him one percent Brahmagyan. The latter again speaks to Ramacharan. Interesting? Visit bengali books website and look for Shirshendu Mukherjee’s juvenile fiction, Hirangarher Byaparshyapar. During the lockdown, Mitadru and Sneha lived in seclusion in two separate New Town residential complexes. They communicated each other only through calls on cellphones. Unbeknownst to them, a mutual reliance emerged, and subconscious feelings of love were sown that culminated two years later at Mitadru's fiancé Haimanti's Santiniketan home. Krishnendu Mukherjee’s Sedin Chaitramas is a book about pure love with Tagorean theme. The bard has been referred to in different contexts in the narrative by Biswarup Mitra’s (Haimanti’s father, who idol worships Tagore) Rabindra-esque references and through the occasional poetry and songs of Sneha and Mitadru. Another book with elements of Tagore in the backdrop is Kusumbij. A few months after Rabindranath's demise on Baishe Shravan, the surveyor Shuddsheel, who was a devoutTagore fan, visited Birda village to survey territory for the British Army during World War II. He fell in love with Tamalika who was mourning the loss of Rabindranath. Eighty-two years later, while working on an eco-village project in Birda, Ishita, a civil engineer, began looking for references on Tamalika’s life. Simultaneously, a unique relationship blossom between Ishita and Sangram Bhattacharya. The latter is determined to prevent the Eco Village Project company from acquiring his land for the project. This International Kolkata bookfair Ananda Publishers has brought out an anthology with Krishnendu Mukherjee’s two stories— Sedin Chaitramas and Kusumbij. Please visit our stall in the fair ground. In case you cannot make it, do access Ananda publishers online, for your favourite title. order bengali books online, ananda publishers Anjan Sengupta’s …Ebang Apala Atreyi documents the interests and goals of ancient Indian women-sages who were advocates of Vedic literature. They were significantly knowledgeable beyond their time and as modern men-sages of the Vedic era, these women-sages were conversant with the Vedas and Upanishads and could easily engage in argument with the male philosophers of their times. The focal point of this narrative is these female sages, proficient in philosophy who carried shaven head with chotis behind their head and wore attire like their male counterparts. They were honoured not only by common men but by kings as well. The Ananda online bookfair has begun and it’s raining discounts up to 25 percent for the avid readers of Bengali books by using specific coupon codes. The Tintin samagra is also available at a lucrative offer price using coupon code TINTINNEW. One can order bengali books online from any corner of the world and avail the offers.


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