1. Signing up
  • Q. How do I sign up?
  • A. Click on Sign up from the Menu above or click Sign Up
  • Q. How does signing process work?
  • A. After you lunched the Sign Up form as specified above and filled out all the required fields and clicked Register button. Next you need to Confirm your EMail before you can Post your Blog/Website

2. Logging In
  • Q. How do I Log In?
  • A. Click on Log In from the Menu above or click Log In
  • Q. Forgot password and How do I recover the password?
  • A. Follow Forgot your password link to start recovering your password.

3. Posting Fee
  • Q. How much does the Posting Fee cost and for how long the posting will last?
  • A. The Posting Fee cost $10 and last for 1 Year.
  • Q. What is the process of making payment?
  • A. Right after you clicked on "Pay Now and Publish" button during the Posting Blog/Website process.
  • Q. How does the Blog-Directory.org exceptiong the payment?
  • A. Blog-Directory.org is excepting the payment through Paypal only
  • Q. Why AdsEZ LLC is seeing during the payment process?
  • A. Becuase AdsEZ LLC is the parent Company of Blog-Directory.org

4. Check Orders Status
  • Q. How do I check my orders status?
  • A. Make sure you logged in, and click My Orders
  • Q. What does it mean Order didn't confirm at Paypal and my post status said Inactive?
  • A. It meant you didn't log in to Paypal and complete the transaction. Your post won't publish and Active until you completed transaction at Paypal.
  • Q. Can I still Confirm and Complete transaction at Paypal after I posted my blogs?
  • A. Yes, under your account locate your post and click on "Publish now for only $10 to Activate this Blog button".

5. Contact Blog-Directory.org
  • Q. How do we contact Blog-Directory.org?
  • A. You can contact us by submitting the form Contact.