UAE Emphasises the Need for Global Consensus on AI Governance

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blog details: In a groundbreaking address at the Dubai Assembly for Generative Al, the UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications. His Excellency Omar Al Olama, made a resounding call for global consensus on Al governance. The Minister urged countries to expedite the development of a governance framework for Al that surpasses the time taken to establish the Paris Agreement. Al Olama emphasised the need for a fresh approach. suggesting that rather than governing Al as a whole, governance efforts should focus on regulating the specific use cases of the technology. Details on the Event This landmark assembly, attended by more than 2000 individuals representing major tech giants and consultancies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, PwC, and IBM, also witnessed the launch of the Dubai Generative Al Alliance by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF). This new alliance of technology companies aims to facilitate the rapid adoption of emerging technologies, ultimately positioning Dubai as a world leader in tech-enabled governance. Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of DFF, encouraged companies and innovators to join the alliance, which will concentrate its efforts on creating innovative technology pilots by harnessing Al, the metaverse, and Web3. Moreovel, we dosembly exploreu now tie global Dants sector cout redp mimense lewdrus. potentially amounting to USD 400 billion, from the generative Al boom. Experts from international tech corporations and consultancies shared insights. with PwC predicting the imminent integration of automation into workplaces. Generative Al is expected to autonomously execute everyday tasks, such as flight bookings and report generation, on a large scale within the next 18 to 20 months. Deloitte's leading digital expert emphasised that generative Al will significantly benefit nuclear fusion, climate action, and drug discovery. The industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, in particular, are poised to rapidly adapt to this emerging technology. The call for swift and innovative Al governance, as championed by the UAE, underscores the ever-increasing importance of establishing a regulatory framework that keeps pace with the evolving capabilities of Al technology, fostering responsible and beneficial applications worldwide. source-(


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