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blog details: Contact Address: 1797 Pitkin Ave 2ND FLOOR, Brooklyn, NY 11212 Phone: 646-518-9394 About US: At our Psychiatrist Brooklyn Medicaid-focused medical clinic, we understand the importance of accessible mental health services. We are proud to offer the best psychiatry care to individuals who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare needs. When you're searching for a psychiatrist that accepts Medicaid, our clinic is your solution. Our team of dedicated psychiatrists is experienced in providing mental health treatment to those who need it most. We offer a range of psychiatric services, including anxiety therapy and schizophrenia specialist consultations, all within the framework of Medicaid coverage. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care, and we are committed to providing it to our Brooklyn community. When you choose our clinic, you're choosing a medical team that cares about your mental well-being and is dedicated to helping you lead a fulfilling life. For more information please contact us. Related Searches Psychiatrist | best psychiatrist | psychiatrist near me | best psychiatrist near me | medical clinic | best medical clinic | medical clinic near me | best medical clinic near me | mental health doctor | counseling services | mental health treatment | psychiatric services | anxiety therapist | adult psychiatry | schizophrenia specialist | Brooklyn NY. Additional Details Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am–8 pm, Saturday -Sunday 9 am–5 pm GMB Listing


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