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blog details: Contact Address: 5221 Church Ave #84, Brooklyn, NY 11203 Phone: 347-471-2216 About US: Losing a tooth is a stressful situation and in the past it could take months of frustration prior to getting an ultimate result. Thanks to the newest technology implemented by AFAM Dental, now it’s possible to get full set of teeth replacement in just one dentist visit. Technique of minimally invasive procedure allows our patients to get high-quality implants, dental crowns, bridges, and full sets of teeth not just quickly, but with the best possible results. Here at AFAM Dental, the entire process can be finished in one-day, reducing embarrassment and making it easy for patients to return to their daily routine. Dentures are also called false teeth. They are prosthetic devices made to replace lost teeth, and to fill the gaps. The types of dentures vary depending on how many teeth you are missing and the reason you need them. These dentures are for those who have only lost a few of their teeth on a particular arch. These are also known as dental crowns and a dental bridge. They are made straight from crowns that are fitted onto existing teeth as abutments. They are made from materials that will look like the tooth that was lost, matching in color and enamel. Natural Dentures. Natural dentures look like real teeth. They are very life-like. These two-toned dentures are made of a strong, lightweight but durable acrylic. Natural dentures are much thinner than conventional dentures. To perform such a procedure, it averagely takes four sessions to complete the entire process.

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