Significance of Saat Phere in the Hindu Wedding

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blog details: The Indian Wedding is an elaborate ceremony that consists of myriad rituals. The bride and the groom perform all these customs to get bound merrily in marriage. Among the various rituals, the Saat Phere finds a special mention. Whether married or not, all of us have heard about the Saat PHEREs. Getting into the details, it is the seven circles that a couple takes around the sacred fire under a gorgeously adorned mandap. This significant ceremony marks the ultimate union of a bride and groom and proclaims them as husband and wife. During the Saath Phere, the bride and the groom, circumambulate (walk around) the sacred fire seven times as they exchange their marital vows. The fire here becomes the witness (Agni Sakshi) as they make promises to each other. FIRST PHERE– NOURISHMENTS: The first promise is made by the man as he pledges to take care of the basic needs (food and nourishment) of the family. The bride also promises to walk hand in hand and extend her support in his endeavour to fulfil his duties by looking after the home. SECOND PHERE– FAMILY: The second vow focuses on home and family. The groom promises that he will look after the house and the family, and the bride pledges to be his side as his strength and support. THIRD PHERE- TOGETHERNESS: The third vow focuses on togetherness. The groom promises to take all that it would take to look after the financial, educational and other fundamental needs, and the bride pledges to treat him as her priority. FOURTH PHERE- HAPPY AND BEING THANKFUL: The fourth vow focuses on making each other happy and being thankful to each other. The groom thanks the bride for completing him and making his life beautiful. He wishes to expand his family, while the latter promises that she will keep him happy forever. FIFTH PHERE- TOGETHER THROUGH ECSTASIES AND AGONIES: The fifth vow focuses on staying together through ecstasies and agonies. The man thanks his wife for enriching his life and being his well-wisher. He also prays that she always remains blessed by God. The bride, in turn, promises that she will stand by his side and be there for him in his moments of joy as well as sorrow. SIXTH PHERE– STRENGTH: The sixth vow focuses on strengthening the marital bond by becoming a cohesive unit. The groom thanks the bride for taking the sixth step with him and asks her if she would support and love him all her life. The bride promises that she will always stand by his side. SEVENTH PHERE- ACCEPTING EACH OTHER: The seventh PHERE focuses on accepting each other as life partners. The man says, “We are man and wife now. I am yours, and you are mine forever." The bride says that God has witnessed their union and that she will cherish and honour their relationship.

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