Significance of Garland Exchange on Hindu Wedding

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blog details: Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Hinduism has lots of traditions are still exist & some have been lost or changed with a period. According to Hinduism; Hindu Wedding Ceremony is celebrating most traditional way. Both families unite & perform their rituals, traditions & customs in different ways. Some families have unique & funny rituals, but those rituals are equally important for the Wedding. Garland Exchanging is a primary part of the Hindu Wedding. Garland Exchange is known as Varmala or Jaimala. This Varmala or Jaimala is made with fresh flowers. This ritual is a very common part of any Hindu Wedding. Varmala or Jaimala is the oldest ritual in Hindu Wedding; according to Purana’s & Veda’s Goddess Parvati & Lord Shiva; Goddess Sita & Shri Ramas were exchanging their garland (Varmala) on their marriage days. That’s why Garland Exchange becomes a significant ritual in every Hindu Wedding Ceremony. Garland Exchange concept was coming from Swayamvar Ceremony. In Ramayana & Mahabharata Goddess Sita shares her garland with Shri Rama & Draupadi shares with Arjun to accept them as their husband. So the garland shares signified that acceptance. The flowers symbolized beauty, pleasures & exchanging symbolized the marital bond of two souls & minds. The Garland Exchange or Varmala is the first ritual that the Groom & the Bride perform at their wedding ceremony. Bride & Groom both are exchanging their garland on each other 3 times. The exchange of garland signifies that both are accepting each other as a life partners. This ritual now becomes an interesting way. Both families’ relatives add some fun to this. They carry bride & groom on their shoulders & make the exchange in challenging way or some relatives are challenging both Bride & Groom who exchanges garland first. This tradition is now presented in various & interesting ways. Some movies & TV serials are glorifying this tradition on Wedding Sequence. Hopefully, everyone should enjoy their Garland Exchange in very funny & memorable way.

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