Why do we avoid cutting Hair & Nails on Certain Days?

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blog details: Hinduism has lots of rituals, traditions & cultures. Some rituals & traditions now become superstitions. But some rituals or traditions are kinds of superstitions but those are followed till now by many people of India. From ancient times Hindus belief those rituals & traditions that’s why till now we can’t avoid those things lightly. Avoid Hair or Nail cutting on certain days is one of the rituals is till practicing by Indians. Elders are suggesting not getting hair or nail cut on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Humans are belief Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are days of God & Goddess & those practices have positive benefits for humans. As per Hinduism, Tuesday is the day of Hanuman, we worship Hanuman for divine power & Thursday is the day of Goddess Laxmi. If you cut your hair or nails it is showing disrespect to Hanuman & Goddess Laxmi & this may affect your life. Some people beliefs cutting hair or nails may affect our financial life because Goddess Laxmi comes to our life with prosperity. People believe Saturday is a day of Saturn & Saturn or Planet Shani is very important of human life. People believe all bad things & negativity is the anger of Planet Shani. That’s why people avoid cutting hair or nails on certain days. According to astrology, we have nine planets & each planet has the significance of our human lives. Astro science belief Tuesday is the day of Mars, as Thursday is a day of Jupiter & Saturday is Saturn. As per Astrology, those three planets brings positivity, happiness & goodness to our life. If you cut hair & nails on those days something negative happens in your life. Hopefully, it may consequence but we Hindus believe in this ritual & practices from ancient times. So be respectful to our Hinduism not superstitions. Believe in humanity; cause humanity is the perfect way to show respect to our culture, believes & traditions.

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