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blog details:     In 2007 and 2008, respectively, the first iPhones and Androids hit the market. Since then, it has become the favored method of education for college students with hectic schedules. Leapster, a handheld game system with educational features, was developed by Leapfrog Entertainment in 2003. Education-focused video games (sometimes known as "serious games") became increasingly popular after their initial success. It wasn't until the late 00s that a significant uptick in the availability of educational apps for smartphones was seen. These days, kids of all ages can use their mobile devices to download any number of instructional programs. There are numerous advantages to using educational applications. Educational apps for kids often incorporate fun learning games. Children as young as 2 can enjoy and learn from Math games for kids. The cognitive abilities of both preschoolers and kindergartners can benefit from playing educational games. There is evidence from studies and research to suggest that playing educational and interactive games is more effective than following a set curriculum. The best part about educational applications is that they don't cost a dime. Let's take a look at what learning apps are, why they're useful, and why kids need them.   How do you define a learning app? Educational apps are digital tools that help people learn new things and develop their existing abilities. Besides Apple and Android smartphones, you can get your hands on one of these interactive apps right now. The use of these apps in the classroom makes often dry subjects more accessible and enjoyable. Educational applications for kids sometimes offer simplified versions of traditional Math racing games. Learning objectives are gamified in these apps, with students working toward points and badges as they complete assignments and advance through the curriculum. SKIDOS makes games for kids of various ages, from infants to those in elementary school. Listed here are a few of the many advantages that educational apps have to offer.   Technology is presented to kids. The brain develops fast between the ages of 2 and 11. All of the education and experience you obtain during these years will serve as a solid basis for your future success. Young children who are exposed to technology are more likely to become proficient users as adults. All electronic games that kids can interact with instructing them in proper gadget use. Math worksheet for preschoolers who are about to enter kindergarten can learn the basics of computer programming by playing certain educational games. Using educational applications is a great way for kids to gain a wide range of abilities. Playing educational games for toddlers includes complex hand motions, swipes, and strokes, all of which help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Using a sample size of 105 preschoolers, researchers found that those who were exposed to a learning method based on gesture-interactive games performed better on tests of learning and motor abilities (Hsiao & Chen, 2016). The use of educational applications and games has been shown to improve kids' problem-solving skills and capacity for critical, analytical, and logical thought. Puzzle games like Go Ball not only assist kids to develop these skills, but also teach them how to think logically and mathematically.   Even if they're bored, kids can still get things done. Many kids would prefer to spend time playing with family and friends than doing schoolwork. Both of these goals can be achieved with the help of educational applications for kids. Kids may still get their work done even if they aren't in the mood thanks to educational casual games like Play & Discover. Kids may get out of a rut and pick up valuable skills like geometry, reading, music theory, and more with Play & Discover.   The value of educational apps and games.   They serve as the first step in formal education. Preschool can be a scary and unfamiliar place for toddlers, leading to feelings of anxiety and separation. Confident and fearless children are the result of early exposure to learning and a variety of settings. Games like Shopping Mall that expose young children to a variety of real-life events and scenarios are excellent learning tools for the preschool years. Children get valuable knowledge and experience in areas as diverse as nutrition, music, fashion, hair care, and role-playing with fictitious characters while playing Shopping Mall.   Self-care is a topic that may be taught via educational apps. A doctor is one example of educational software that teaches kids the fundamentals of medicine and science. Children can pretend to be doctors while playing this game, performing various medical procedures such as diagnosing and treating illnesses, cleaning wounds, and even taking X-rays. However, games like Bath educate kids on the importance of taking care of their teeth, washing their clothes, and other necessary bathroom tasks.   Language skills are improved by using educational apps. Children's linguistic development is aided by the use of educational applications. The alphabet, common words, and spellings can all be taught to kids. To that end, games like ABC Town exist to help kids learn to speak and write. More than 150 English words can be learned using ABC Town. As we've seen, educational games are dynamic programs that help kids grow in many ways. Games with educational value also foster linguistic, behavioral, and social development. There are likely many more advantages to using educational applications and games than we have considered. We here at SKIDOS are well aware of the benefits that children can gain from playing educational games. Over forty instructional apps for kids of all ages have been developed by us. These kid-friendly apps are available for both Apple and Android devices and combine learning with fun. You can have up to six people using our educational games with only one subscription card. SKIDOS is like Netflix for educational games.  

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