10 Foods to Avoid During IVF Treatment

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blog details: Undoubtedly, not being able to have children is one of the most upsetting and stressful experiences in life. Every aspect of life is disrupted by infertility, which is like a struggle. However, technological advancements have now made it possible for the couple to experience the joy of parenthood. One of the most important and effective treatments to help a woman get pregnant is IVF. Considering the high success rate, IVF treatment is beneficial. Apart from IVF treatment, a healthy diet is also essential. If you are undergoing IVF treatment, you should take good care of your diet. Certain foods should be avoided during IVF treatment. Avoiding these foods can improve egg quality. Let's take a closer look at these factors: Alcohol: The first thing to avoid if you are undergoing IVF treatment is alcohol. Alcohol consumption can interfere with ovulation and result in infertility. So, alcohol should be avoided, especially during IVF. The raw form of egg: Eggs in raw form are another food that should be avoided during treatment. So, it is important to avoid eating raw eggs. According to studies, raw eggs contain the salmonella virus, which can make you sick. Seafood: While using IVF to conceive, you should also avoid eating raw eggs and seafood. Coliform bacteria found in seafood can make you sick. Due to its mercury content, seafood should be avoided even after pregnancy. Mercury content can have a serious impact on a child's health. Certain types of cheese: Dairy products are undoubtedly believed to be beneficial to fertility while undergoing IVF treatment. To increase the chances of the treatment being effective, certain types of cheese should be avoided. A blue tint, which can be found in cheeses is not considered healthy. So, it is advised not to consume it. Foods containing trans fats: Trans fats affect fertility. So, it should not be consumed during treatment. Additionally, these foods increase good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol. Frozen food: Frozen food should also be excluded from the list of foods to eat in moderation. In addition, frozen food affects ovulation and fertility. Artificial sweeteners: Your weight is a factor during IVF treatment. If you want to increase the chances of your fertility treatment being successful, stay away from foods that contain artificial sweeteners. Saccharin, a component of artificial sweeteners, reduces the success rate of IVF. A variety of foods contain simple carbohydrates, including white rice, sweets, soda, and white flour. Sugar is easily made from carbohydrates. This sugar affects hormone levels and increases blood sugar levels in the body. Tea and coffee and other caffeinated beverages should be avoided during IVF treatment. Fried and baked foods can affect hormone levels, which can affect fertility. Conclusion: These are the top 10 foods to avoid while undergoing IVF. Avoiding these foods can help increase fertility and improve egg quality. Visit Progenesis IVF center in Thane for the best IVF advice and care. Calling an expert not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that you receive the highest quality of care.

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