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blog details: Satpura National Park, Bori Sanctuary, and Pachmarhi Sanctuary make comprise the larger Satpura Tiger Reserve, which spans 1,427 sq km. The true naturalist can find refuge in Satpura. There are around 1,300 different plant species in the park. Teak, sal, tendu, mahua, bel, bamboos, grasses, lantanas, medicinal plants, mango trees, as well as several endemic ferns, are some of the common trees in the park. One of the most beautiful parks in India is the Satpura National Park. The Satpura forest is beautiful since it is dense and has several rivulets. Satpura National Park covers 524 square kilometers. The park's scenery changes from closely spaced jungle trails dotted with mahua and shimmering ghost trees to expansive grasslands where chital herds graze. While vehicle safaris allow visitors to explore the wilderness, Satpura stands out for also offering boat, canoe, and walking safaris. All tourists must first cross the Tawa reservoir by boat to reach the Madhai gate, where safaris into the national park begin. Your jeep is probably the only one on a forest trail at any one time because of the rigorous regulations governing the amount of vehicles allowed in the park. Boat safaris travel around the Denwa and Tawa rivers' bends. It is possible to see up close the generally elusive creatures drinking at riverbanks and water birds when cruising into the heart of the forest. Visitors can take a walking safari, led by knowledgeable forest guides, to explore specific routes inside the forest's core area. You may engage with the forest using all of your senses thanks to their experience. Discover the ant lion trails made on sandy soil and discover how to recognize native plants like tendu and crocodile bark. Satpura National Park is accessible from October 1 through June 30 and is closed from July through September due to the monsoon season. The likelihood of sightings increases during the warm summer months (April–June), when animals wander out in quest of water. For Bookings and more details, You can get in touch with us: Contact Us On: +91-9755725345, +91-8889698899 Visit Our Website:

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