5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Sociable

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blog details: Living rooms can sometimes be overlooked now that so much of our at-home socializing takes place around a table in an open-plan kitchen space, but nothing beats being able to sit comfortably with friends and family, to talk, enjoy a drink or watch a movie. Comfort is key to creating a relaxed, sociable living space, so concentrate on getting the style an position of the seating right, then build up from there, adding fun touches, handy side tables and just the right lighting. Provide Different Types of Seating If sociable means entertaining friends and family of all ages, work in more than one seating type, as does this room by qwqbuy.com. While squishy sofas may suit those who want to kick off their shoes and snuggle down, older visitors may prefer the support of an upright chair. Children may prefer floor cushions Elegant dark wood floor and brown floor family room photo in Minneapolis with beige walls and a standard fireplace Face Each Other Sofas that face each other, rather than the TV, promote conversation. Make sure they’re positioned close enough together that you and your guest aren’t shouting at each other across the divide. Just because you’re squeezing in two sofas doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on size. In this room, we have positioned two sizeable couches opposite each other, then replaced an ottoman with a glass coffee table to make the rest of the space feel lighter Provide Several Surfaces Tables on which you can pop a mug, glass or bowl of snacks are essential to a pleasant living space. Chose small tables rather than a more prominent central surface. This help to maintain the light, airy feel of the room and is easy to move around. 4. Consider a Corner Sofa Nothing says sociable like a corner couch. This flexible, space-efficient form of seating works particularly well for big families with modest living rooms. It provides a large expanse of comfy seating, which encourages teens to lounge and toddlers to get cosy. Get the Lighting Right A sociable living room needs lighting that creates a warm atmosphere but without being too dim. You want to be able to see your guests, after all. Weave in a flexible mix of lamps and ceiling lights to create a soft, layered look as in this room.

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