How to Choose the Best Feeder Shipping Service Provider?

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blog details: Feeder service refers to the transmission of freightage to smaller ships as larger ships cannot serve directly. SLR, being a well-experienced service provider, ensures feeder service. SLR has been serving across-sea freight for years. A known company providing feeder service cautiously and loading and discharging services. It is a trusted company giving fast sea freight, road, and rail freight services, ensuring high quality. SLR currently routes from China – Jebel Ali – Novorossiysk and vice versa. We are also extending our service to India port, Mundra, and Nhava Sheva. We work on fixed schedules to provide service from more significant hubs to smaller ports. Why is SLR the Best Feeder Shipping Service Provider? Extensive Network We provide an extensive feeder shipping service network across countries, operating yearly across all regions and ports. Increase Reliability We are a reliable shipping service provider for arriving and departing goods and continuously update our services. Safe Supply Chain We have an outstanding record of marine safety and work with high-quality vessels. You can rely on us for your cargo as we have a sufficient capacity of vessels to offer feeder service at competitive rates. Flexible Services Flexibility is the hallmark of our service. We know the client's needs and help them to deal with their daily contingencies to ensure a smooth flow of goods. What is Feeder Vessel, and what is its size? Feeder's vessels are generally medium-sized ships carrying an average of 300-1000 containers. They collect shipping containers from various ports and transport them to the central port, where they are loaded into big vessels further. Usually, the size of the Feeders is: Small Feeder - that can carry up to 1000 TEUs Feeder - that can carry up to around 2000 TEUs Feeder max - that can carry up to about 3000 TEUs How can Freight Forwarders work with Feeders to increase flexibility? Feeder operators offer freight forwarders a great chance to increase their flexibility and decrease their dependency on shipping lines. Sometimes freight forwarders get their container together with the vessel, and sometimes there is a problem. Depending upon the pickup and drop-off at a particular location, it becomes difficult for the carriers to offer containers at a reasonable price. If you can own your container as a freight forwarder, book a feeder operator of your choice to the destination place, and enjoy the control of the shipping process under you. SLR shipping has been serving as an excellent service provider for decades to feeder service, Liner & NVOCC Services. A known freight forwarding and international shipping company operating in Dubai, UAE. Book your one-stop solution for all your needs with SLR shipping to experience fast, and reliable shipping.

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