When to Get a Second Opinion for Infertility?

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blog details: Coping with infertility is extremely difficult. You decide to get help, get tested, and get treatment, but it doesn't work. What do you do next? If you've been undergoing infertility treatment for months (or even years) without success, seeking a second opinion can provide you with new information, new possibilities, renewed hope, and a renewed sense of purpose. You do not need to prove your willingness to consult another doctor. Choosing your next steps for fertility treatment is a major decision, and you have the right to all of the information and reassurance you require. When should I consider getting a second opinion? If you're not sure whether it's time to seek a second opinion for infertility treatments, here are some of the most common reasons why. You've seen your primary care doctor or OB-GYN and want more specialized care. Many patients who are having difficulty conceiving seek help from their primary care physician first. Your primary care physician or gynecologist may perform some preliminary tests, advise you on lifestyle changes or complementary fertility therapies like acupuncture, or prescribe you fertility medication. Second Opinion for Infertility and IVF If you've discussed some or all of these options with your doctor and still haven't gotten pregnant, it's time to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist. Progenesis has doctors who specialize in infertility and will be able to provide you with more advanced diagnosis and treatment options. You suspect that there is more to your infertility diagnosis. Although many cases of infertility are due to unknown causes, it is important to go through the full diagnostic process. If you are concerned that something has been overlooked or needs further investigation, you should seek a second opinion. A fertility specialist saw your test results and notice something that was previously overlooked. They have the option of ordering new or different tests. A reproductive endocrinologist who stays current on research and developments can give you new directions. You have had several failed IVF cycles at your current clinic. Even in reputable clinics, some IVF cycles fail. Each cycle involves some trial and error because the human reproductive system is complex and every patient is different. Infertility treatment takes time. If you've had three or more unsuccessful cycles of IVF and don't feel like you're getting any closer to a solution, it may be time to look elsewhere. While the basic components of an IVF cycle are the same across the board, numerous variables affect outcomes. Failure in one clinic does not mean failure elsewhere is inevitable. Each clinic and specialist have its history, education, and approach. You may want to try something different that your current clinic does not offer. When you're trying hard to conceive, you want to know that you and your doctor have to use all options. Reproductive endocrinology is a rapidly evolving field, with new research, technology, and best practices being developed regularly. In some cases, your doctor may refer you to another specialist. This may be because the doctor you see today, such as a general practitioner or OB-GYN, does not have experience treating infertility. Your doctor may refer you to a colleague who is more familiar with your diagnosis or to a clinic that offers the best types of treatment and technology for you. These events show that your doctor prioritizes your needs and concerns and wants the best for you. This second opinion for infertility and IVF reassures the patient that they have an accurate diagnosis of infertility and that they are doing everything possible to realize their dream of parenthood.

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