NX2 Air Cooled Chillers with scroll compressors

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blog details: NX2. Quieter. Greener. Cooler NX2 is the latest Climaveneta range of chillers engineered to deliver premium efficiency to your comfort or process buildings. Available with either R410A refrigerant or the low GWP R454B, the new range spans from units with two, four to eight compressors in a multi-circuit configuration, from 44 to 921 kW. All the main hydraulic and mechanical components are integrated inside the unit, providing the ideal plug & play solution for your HVAC plant. Top-level efficiency, in less space. NX2 chillers deliver exceptional improvements in terms of efficiency: an average value of +11% of cooling capacity and +12% better seasonal efficiency compared to the previous generation of products. This enormous advancements in terms of performance have been possible thanks to the Red Cooler Technology. This innovative solution, fully developed in-house by Mitsubishi Electric, optimizes the thermodynamic cycle of the unit by reducing the loss in exergy energy. In this way subcooling energy is fully exploited, strongly increasing the energy performance of the unit. One of the most silent scroll compressor chillers in the market. NX2-G02 and NX2-G06 ranges are key in providing perfect environmental comfort. NR Kit is available for cutting the sound levels down to -9 dB(A), featuring one of the most silent operations while maintaining the same performance and footprint as the standard version. Unyielding in extreme weather conditions. NX2 chillers operate in the most harsh climates, with temperatures from -20° to +50°C. Special coil coatings can be selected to withstands the corrosive effects of aggressive environments, such as in industrial or coastal conditions. Green footprint Fully committed to support the creation of a greener tomorrow, Mitsubishi Electric presents the NX2-G06 series featuring R454B refrigerant. Combining reduced refrigerant charge with a low GWP refrigerant (-76% compared to the R410A gas), these units boast the lowest amount of CO2eq in the scroll unit market, thus resulting as the perfect choice for any new forward looking installation KIPlink, the Keyboard In your PocketKIPlink is the user interface that allows you to operate the unit directly from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or notebook). Based on Wi-Fitechnology, access the operational settings is possible by simply scanning the QR code positioned on the unit. Visitus https://in.climaveneta.com/en/ranges/1/nx2-air-cooled-chillers-with-scroll-compressors?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=Blog-Post&utm_campaign=air-cooled-chillers

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