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blog details: Best Boarding School in Uttarakhand is The Indian Public School which is tucked between Himalayas and the ranges of Shivalik in the lap of mother nature .The school is at the distance of 53 kms from Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. The school is located at Mrityunjaydham, P.O. Rajawala Road via Premanagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. VISION OF SCHOOL: The vision of the school is to impart family values, good character through comprehensive and modern curriculum and providing safe and learning environment to every student. The best boarding School in Uttarakhand is designed to provide learning spaces for teaching of students under direction of teachers. The school believes in all round education and better development of a child. CAMPUS: With 100 Acre Campus,1200 capacity auditorium and 2500 book capacity learning centre the campus is surrounded with mellifluous blend of green patches, park lands and water bodies. Being a Best Boarding School in Uttarakhand the school has 21+ years of excellence, 1:15 Faculty Student Ratio, Smart Classrooms, Hostels, Air Conditioned Dining Hall, learning centers and Open Air Theatre.The school is a purely residential school in motherly lap of Dehradun nature with boarding facilities. SPORTS: We believe that playing sports is a great way for children to take break from academics and release the pent-up energy. Sports provide physical, social, psychological benefits to the children. Best Boarding School in Uttarakhand aims at developing skills like teamwork, leadership, Sportsmanship, patience and discipline in children by playing sports. The sport activities available in our campus are Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Horse Riding and Ultra-Modern Gym. NUTRITIVE FOOD: The Indian Public School occupies a large considerable land used for cultivation of vegetables which fulfill the needs of the IPS Annapoorna Dining Hall. As the Best Boarding School in Uttarakhand the school reserves 30 Acres of land for organic farming through which daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to the children. On the other hand, a large dairy is managed by the school which consist of 200 cows that gives pure dairy products like butter, milk, cheese and other daily utilization for the dining hall. MUSIC AND DANCE: The Indian Public School is ranked no 1 in Best Boarding Schools in Uttarakhand. The school focuses to increase cognitive development of a child. Our students are introduced to both western and Indian music, vocal and instrumental music. All kinds of dance forms are introduced to children like Indian and Contemporary. The art and craft classes gives opportunities to a child to express his\her elements. CONCUSION: To conclude, Indian Public School as Best Boarding School in Uttarakhand provides clean and well organized school premises with pristine campus, sports facilities, dance, music, art, nutritious food, learning centers, hostel and clean environment and dining facilities to all the students. It’s a place where students feel safe physically, emotionally and mentally.


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