Geely Auto Releases a Brand-new Logo

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blog details: Geely Auto Group is now at a critical moment of speeding up its transformation to an intelligent and electrified brand. Recently, Geely Auto has released a brand-new logo with new colors, representing the milestone that the brand will integrate cutting-edge technologies into new products that will accelerate its development of intelligent and electrified products in response to the strategic development of the Group that will bring a new image to the brand. For the past 25 years, Geely has been improving the driving experience of its users, adhering to the brand vision of - ' let Geely be a widely known brand around the world '. Today, riding on the tide of intelligent products and electrification, Geely will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies with the advantages of scale and system strength and bring high-value product experience to users, creating a smarter life through technology and exploring infinite possibilities by imagination. The new logo released by Geely Auto inherits and extends the visual DNA of the Geely brand. It adopts a minimal design from the original logo with shield and gemstone elements. Its digital and borderless form employs minimalism and openness, showing Geely’s determination to break the boundaries and pursue innovation while transforming electrification with intelligent technologies. The new logo also conveys Geely Auto’s brand connotation of being young, pure, and technologically advanced in the era of electrified mobility. The new logo shows a more 'creative, vigorous, and imaginative' Geely Auto. The new Geely, with its creativity, spares no effort to create a product experience that exceeds user expectations with the most advanced technologies; the new Geely, with its vitality, is committed to making every product a mobile technological terminal; the new Geely, with the brand vision of - 'let Geely be a widely known brand around the world ', explores more possibilities with infinite imagination and transforms imagination into reality through systemic advantages and the implementation of forward-looking technologies. As early as 2014, the Geely logo was designed with shield and gemstone elements, with blue and black as the main colors. It has evolved while carrying forward the original DNA. Among them, the shield expresses safety and trust, carrying the brand's pursuits of ' safety and stability'; gemstones represent eternity; blue represents the clear sky, and black is the earth, symbolizing that Geely cars will travel around the world. Entering Geely 4.0 Era, the silver outline is applied to replace the golden one for the Geely logo, signifying Geely Auto's focus on the exploration of technology and the future. Meanwhile, Geely is also using this younger and sportier all-black logo in its new generation of products. The new logo unveils Geely’s new mission to bring new technologies to the life of users. Coming along with the brand-new logo was the new brand color - ' borderless blue '. Blue, symbolizing endlessness and vastness, has always been the gene of Geely Auto. It also represents the nature of water, which nurtures all things and is appreciated by the wise. It conforms to the mission of building a ' smart Geely ' with the spirit of water all along, as the new Geely is exploring new technologies with ambitious goals. The new color scheme consists of 'borderless blue', 'evolutionary blue', and 'ecological blue', depicting Geely’s great vision of creating sustainable ecological values for the global environment and low-carbon intelligent mobility in the future. The new logo will be fully applied in Geely's R&D, manufacturing, and products both at home and abroad. At the same time, Geely will create a new experience for users with a new standard of showrooms in major cities around the world. It will also update the new logo in the mobile digital terminals worldwide to cover all digital platforms. New Logo, New Geely. The launch of Geely's new logo marks that Geely is implementing its brand-new strategy and going ahead into the era of new energy and electrification. Looking forward, Geely will further increase its investment and explore deeper into the space of new energy and electrification, leveraging its systemic advantages in intelligence and electrification to benefit more users and inject new momentum into the overall intelligent and electrified development of Geely. Geely vehicles are brought to you by Towell Auto Centre LLC. To learn more about the products or to book a test drive and know about the latest offers, visit the nearest Geely showroom or

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