How Can Educational Games Turn Your  Kids' Learning Journey into a Fun Adventure? 

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blog details: Are your kids tired of the same old boring learning routine? Worry not, we have the perfect solution for them! Educational games for 6-year-olds and above are the way to go! They're fun and keep your little ones engaged and excited about learning. Your kids will have a blast while learning with game-based learning. Game-Based Learning games are fun and help your little ones become math and spelling masters! And that's not all - they'll also develop essential skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Say goodbye to boring learning routines and hello to SKIDOS - your ultimate solution for simple and engaging educational games! Our games provide unlimited excitement and make learning a blast for your little ones! So, let's get ready to level up and make learning exciting again with these SKIDOS fun learning games! Car Wash  Car Wash is a thrilling learning adventure! With math puzzles for kids, your little speedsters can ride, wash, and maintain their favorite cars while mastering math skills. With over 10 vehicles, including trucks and sports cars, the possibilities are endless! So, let your kids hit the open road and discover all the amazing things this game offers. Who says learning can't be fun? With "Car Wash," our cool math car game,  kids can race toward academic success while having a blast! Skills Learned: Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, social skills, math Skills Street Soccer Hey, soccer fans! Are you ready to score big on math skills? Street Soccer is not just any ordinary cool math game soccer - it's an adventure that takes you to some of the world's amazing locations! Your little ones can score goals, run wild, and have a blast while mastering important skills. Street Soccer is entertaining and a fantastic way to introduce your kids to 21st-century skills. This easy-to-play game can provide your kids with endless entertainment and learning opportunities. So, let's hit the streets and kick-start the fun with Street Soccer! Skills Learned: Problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, math skills Brainy City Are you ready to become a Math Ninja hero and save the day in Brainy City? Hundreds of animals have escaped from the zoo and are causing chaos in Brainy City. But don't worry, your little ones can help these furry friends survive new adventures and navigate the city safely. To help the animals, your kids must use their Math Ninja powers to collect coins and improve their math skills. By unlocking new characters and power-ups, their math skills will be put to the ultimate test. So, let's join forces and become the ultimate Math Ninja heroes in Brainy City! Skills Learned: Critical thinking, collaboration, math skills Transform your kids' learning journey into an epic adventure with SKIDOS! We're all about turning boring routines into exciting opportunities for your little ones to shine. Our awesome educational games for 6-year-olds and above will boost their confidence, curiosity, and social skills, all while having a blast! Imagine your kids using their math skills to pay for your next takeout meal like a Number Ninja. It's a win-win situation: they'll love learning, and you'll love watching them thrive! So are you ready to take your kids' learning to the next level? SKIDOS Pass has got you covered! With 40+ safe and ad-free educational games and 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities, your little ones can sharpen their math and English skills while having a blast. And guess what? You can create up to 6 profiles on one device, so your whole squad can join in on the fun! We're dying to hear which games your kids can't get enough of - drop us an email at and spill the beans!

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