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blog details: During these unprecedented times and therefore the fight against COVID-19 cleaning is more important than ever. Sanitization & Professional Disinfection Services in Bangalore have reviewed with our teams and clients the importance of cleaning touch points altogether facilities. We recommend all follow the rules and direction of our local public health departments for the newest and most up so far information. Regular sanitizing should be completed throughout the workday throughout touch points. For the foremost effective disinfection, we will offer our clients additional disinfecting measures including Electrostatic Disinfection Services. With this service we will disinfect various surfaces throughout a facility in an efficient manner. The charged disinfecting product is misted towards areas to be treated enveloping the surfaces for unmatched coverage compared to traditional spray and wipe cleaning practices. We recommend fixing sanitizing stations with disinfecting or sanitizing products at shared office equipment areas like photocopiers, printers, lunchrooms, and washrooms. We believe it’s a team effort by all involved to realize a secure and healthy workplace environment. Employees should also keep their desks or workstations as clear as possible in order that they are accessible for correct cleaning. We also recommend removing any unnecessary chairs or furniture to open up spacing for social distancing of your staff during the workday and limiting areas of contact that might require additional Sanitization & Professional Disinfection Services in Bangalore. CONTACT US: Aarush Rao 1234567890

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