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blog details: In a dream scene, Animesh finds himself in a setting that is very similar to a con man's lair from a typical Bollywood vintage film set. He is frantically looking for Madhuri, when he suddenly realizes he is in danger. Ishika and Rohit are out on a sting operation involving a controversial actress called Rukshmini and a politician. They position themselves in a Dhaba before the latter’s farm house. The actress has recently done an erotic item song that had invoked nation-wide response. Sudarshan, stood in his balcony watching a Durga Puja pandal in progress. This was his first Durga puja after the unfortunate passing away his wife. His melancholy reminiscences are cut short with the arrival of courier service. A retired political journalist Subhabrata receives an offer from a tabloid asking him to cover a story on actress Rukshmini encompassing all political angles involved. Jhuma, a receptionist, fights to conceal her reasons for remaining at her work in a resort from her sister, who is curious about how she is handling all the lewd advances she receives. The proposals were sent by the resort owner's nephew. Sanatan, a Dhaki from Sunderban has been missing several offers the past few years due to his ailments. This year he has got an opportunity he wishes to utilize. He has got another offer this time and plans to take his ten-year-old son Putu along. Parbati fumes as her husband Jayanta spoils their Durga Puja vacation plans in Europe due to a passport gltich that Jayanta was ignorant of. But, the latter promises to take his wife to a beautiful place instead. A rich business man offers Bijan, an electrician a hefty sum of 50K for doing a job that requires strict confidentiality. Krishnendu Mukherjee’s Jyotichinha is story that revolves around eight incidents that are apparently not connected. But gradually as the story progresses the reader realizes that someone somewhere is weaving them into a string of events that appears to have a connection after all. Interesting? What are you waiting for? Log on to online bangla book shop and browse the ananda publishers’ book online collection and grab your copy of the book.

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