Things to know before getting a teeth whitening treatment

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blog details: Everyday brushing and flossing help our teeth to remain healthy and bright. Even after regular care, our teeth start to lose their color and sparkle and become yellow. Therefore, most of us look for a teeth whitening dentist to whiten our teeth. If you are thinking of getting teeth whitening in Modesto to know the facts first. Given below are some of the common questions asked by people. What made my teeth color change? Here are some of the reasons why your teeth color changes: Consumption of colored food and drinks like coffee, tea, wine, etc. They have intense color pigment in them that attaches to the outer part of your enamel. Use of tobacco creates strong stains due to the chemicals called tar and nicotine found in them. Ageing is another reason why your teeth get discoloured. With time the enamel gets thinner and the yellowish part appears. Certain medications can also lead to teeth darkening. What will be used for teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is a very quick and simple process. The whitening product used to whiten contains bleaches in it which is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The work of these bleaches is to break the stains and whiten your teeth. Is whitening effective for all kinds of teeth? Teeth whitening may not be effective for all kinds of discolorations. For instance, yellow teeth may get whitened well but brown or grey teeth may not respond well to bleaching. So, you need to consult your dentist before getting the treatment whether the whitening procedure will work. If you need teeth whitening treatment, visit us at Paragon Dental and exceptional services to whiten and brighten your smile. Contact us today if you have any queries or booking an appointment with us.

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