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blog details: Experts say that Capgras syndrome (CS) is a delusional misidentification condition that is characterized by the patient's mistaken conviction that a person close to them has been replaced with an identical duplicate. With her spouse Chirag, newlywed Diottima Dasgupta travels to Kerala for their honeymoon. Finally, they reach Serut Kottayam, a tranquil hamlet, at the request of Chirag's college buddy Chiranjeevi Nair, the estate manager in the area, after stopping at a number of locations. Events take a strange turn, when a distraught Diottima runs to the neighbourhood police station on a rainy afternoon to turn herself up for the murder she committed at Chiranjeevi's house. After the initial interrogation, sub-inspector Raghavan finds Diottima's statement that she has killed an impostor who looked like her husband Chirag, highly perplexing. Raghavan reported the crime to the officer in charge, Virajbabu who instructed the former to place Diottima in a hideout, secretly planning to arrest Diottima later and claim the entire credit, and the following fame, recognition and rewards. The body of Chirag brutally murdered with a kitchen knife is identified by Chiranjeevi. Raghavan on a visit to the crime scene collects several items including a diary written in Bengali by Diottima. Upon returning to the police station, Raghavan spends the night in the police station. The night becomes significant as it gives Raghavan an opportunity to unmask the truth and ensuring his ascent as an intelligent officer. Unable to decipher the language of the diary he decides to bypass the protocol and hands over the diary to Ananya, a gout patient confined to bed. She is an insomnia patient and an avid lover of detective stories. She gradually starts deciphering the mysterious sketches and cryptic messages that guides her into the dark, deep past of Diottima. Ananya learns that Diottima had once killed her beloved pet cat called Kitty with a kitchen knife. Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Aneshwan’ in Pratipaksha Aneshwan brought out by Ananda Publishers will keep the reader hooked on till the very end thanks to the plot, the characters, developing mystery, one night, and a diary. If you are a bookworm and love reading Bengali books, you can visit the website and browse for your favourite titles. Anondo publisher also has a rich collection of ebooks for its readers who can access all bangla ebooks from anywere in the world through its website or by downloading the Aro Ananda app from the playstore.

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