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blog details: Controversial psychologist Dr. Prithviraj Burman is from London. He intended to produce a movie about his unusual therapy as a way to show himself to the world. He decided to write about ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’, a condition that affects Mouli of Seemantpur. In Mouli's adolescent years, the illness first became apparent. Her molestation, an enigmatic rainy night, and certain teens like Jishnu-Soumya-Rudra were all connected to that episode. While Mauli was still healthy at the time, the sickness started to surface again during her marriage. If one is into bengali story book online shopping, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay’s Papbidhhya, is just for him. It takes the reader through a journey of emotions and consciences. Charida is a small hamlet of Bengal’s Purulia known for ‘mukhosh’ or mask making. The mask is an essential component of the Chhau dance, a well-known traditional mask dance form of West Bengal. Bengal masks are renowned for their expert workmanship. Wood is a common material for masks. Gomera masks from Dinajpur, Gambhira dance masks from Malda, Gilded masks of Kushmundi, and Bagpa dance masks are among the wooden masks from Bengal. In the traditional North Dinajpur Gomera dance, sponge wood masks are worn. Popular Shola masks come from Murshidabad. Kumartuli in Kolkata is well-known for its statues and masks, The features on the face of the masks are fashioned of clay. For a very long time, the Ghurni clay masks in Nadia district served as the famous centre of clay art. ‘Shiber Mukhosh’ is a well-known clay mask in Nabadwip. A common folk mask form called a bamboo mask was invented in West Bengal's Dinajpur District. It was made from a single bamboo stick. It resembles a tribal mask. Dokra masks are very popular metal masks. It is a distinctive West Bengal folk art form. Masks represent a distinctive artistic expression. They represent characters whose mystery-glory is expressed through these objects of art. Pseudo-faces are found in a range of hues and materials. The trends set by local administrative bodies, traditions, the period, migration and settling of the artist society, market trends, shifts in the techniques, museum artefacts and displays helped to establish the detailed basis of the Bengali mask craft. The mask art of Bengal has a unique depth and shades, thanks to this particular art form in diverse materials like wood, clay, paper, metal, etc. The vast and fascinating world of masks, their diversity has been explored via literature and photography in the book Banglar Mukhosh (Banglar Masks). This integrated form of ‘Charu-Karu’ folk art and masking technique adds a new dimension to the cultural sophistication of Bengal. Look for the title in the ananda publishers online store,


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