Kalmegh Tree

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blog details: Kalmegh or Andrographis paniculata is a medicinal plant which is cultivated on a large scale, particularly in south-eastern Asia and southern Asia, and is employed in the treatment of ailments like infections and other maladies. Mainly the roots and leaves of Kalmegh are utilized for medicinal usage. It is herbaceous and is grown in India as well as Sri Lanka. This plant is referred to as ‘Maha-tita' in the north-eastern portions of India and is popular by various vernacular names. It is called ‘Kalmegh' or ‘Kala Megha' or dark clouds, and is a significant Ayurvedic herb. Some people also term this medicinal plant as ‘Bhui Neem‘, implying, ‘neem of the ground' mainly due to the fact that it has a strong bitter taste which is similar to that of the neem tree.

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