Low-Calorie Recipe For Weight Loss

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Post covid, people have become more health conscious and prefer healthy eating over binge eating. When you want to get the meals on the table quickly but also focus on health goals. When it comes to eating, we lose our calorie count, which leads to obesity or unwanted weight gain.

Preparing a low-calorie tasty meal can be challenging but it is still achievable. Consuming calories is essential to boost your immunity and provide energy to the body. Preparing a calorie-deficit protein pack meal is a power fuel for your body that aids in weight management and promotes healthy eating.

A registered dietitian state that a low-calorie breakfast meal can range from 300-400 calories and 600 to 700 calorie for lunch and dinner. Snacks meal can count up to 100-200 calories. Healthy eating isn't just about cutting down calories, it is adding adequate portions of proteins, fibre and other nutrients and minerals to your daily meal.

Healthy eating varies among individuals and calorie counts differ too. Multiple factors influence the calorie count of an individual including age, activity level, sex, health conditions, weight goals and taste preferences. Experts suggest adding a variety of food groups while preparing meals which includes vegetables, whole grains, protein, Healthy fat foods and carbohydrates. The above categories of food create a balanced diet and promote healthy weight management.

Here are some exotic, tasty low-calorie meals that can be prepared quickly and the calorie count is just within 700.

  1. Shrimp with Rice and Spinach 

This dish is similar to shrimp pulav but contains fewer spices. This dish can be prepared in just 15 minutes. Take 50g of shrimp, wash them thoroughly, cut spinach. Add shrimp, spinach and rice to the pan, add black pepper powder and salt to taste. Let all the ingredients cook thoroughly for 15 minutes and your Spinach shrimp rice is ready to eat.

  1.  Chicken with Cauliflower and Quinoa

Chicken, rice and some veggies are the best combination for a low-calorie meal. This dish takes up to 20-30 minutes and is easily prepared. Chicken is a rich source of protein and quinoa (buy quinoa) has similar nutritional value to rice. Add small pieces of chicken to the pan, and cook them in oil till they get tender, add cauliflower and quinoa to the chicken. You can add some spices as per your choice to add taste. 

  1.  Chicken Toast Sandwich

Sandwiches have to be on the menu. They are healthier alternatives to burgers. Add lots of veggies to the sandwiches and boiled shredded chicken with some sprinkled pepper. Add veggies like tomato, beetroot, spinach, lettuce and other veggies as per your choice. You can also add avocado (buy avocado) to add fusion to the sandwich. It is a great option for snacks with some kashmiri Mamra Almonds / Badam.

  1.  Roasted potatoes with chapati

Chapati is everyone's favourite. Potatoes are a great source of carbs, which are essential to building muscle and providing energy to the body. Roast chopped potatoes in pure gir cow ghee (buy gir cow ghee), add salt, pepper and red chilli powder and have it with chapati.

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