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blog details: Introduction According to a survey conducted by PLFS (Periodic Labour Force Survey) data of 2019-2020, 86.1% of people aged between 15 to 59 had no vocational training. Whether soft or technical, skills are important traits and attributes for success in the workplace. It is extremely important to develop transferable skills that can make one competitive in the workplace. The comprehension of relevant skills, their importance, and the ways of development can help you constantly improve them for professional and personal growth. Developing certain basic skills is important because it allows one to improve attributes and qualities pivotal to effective workplace performance. By the development of these skills, one can begin their personal development which can help in the maximization of one’s potential and achieve career growth in record times. SGSU or Scope Global Skills University Bhopal has been established to fulfil the need for skill development. It is a central university that has been playing a significant role in skills development since the year 2023. The Need for Skill Enhancement in a Changing World According to the Indian Skills Report of 2015, only 37.22% of those polled were found to be employable. The Development of skills can be considered highly important as it allows one to improve qualities and attributes that are vital to workplace performance. Through the development of these skills, one can build their way to personal development which can enable the maximisation of potential which helps in the achievement of career goals. In addition to this, by the development of these specific skills, one can naturally fit them into their own routine and use them to better themselves, improve their talents and strength and find fulfilment and satisfaction in their career. Your skills usually involve traits or qualities that you possess or those that you can learn or acquire through education and training. Skilled employees are more marketable and can have more opportunities. In the current job landscape, it’s important to be skilled so that the employability chances increase and you can have more opportunities. Those employees who have undergone skill training from institutions like SGSU or Scope Global Skills University, Bhopal are able to work with new technologies like cybersecurity, data science, and more, and are more productive. Even the government of India gives these youth good opportunities based on their preferences and needs. The goal of the government initiatives along with the deployment of institutions like SGSU is to make at least 70% of people employable. People, in recent times, are getting a better comprehension of the potential of skill training initiatives through programs of skills awareness which helps them in the achievement of more goals.

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