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When WotLK Classic returns, WotLK Classic, players will need to collect more gold in order to get everything new in the game, including amazing equipment. Although the most profitable gold-making occupation is Mining, other gathering skills also remain productive.

Taking these professions requires a good understanding of the in-game market, and a keen eye on Auction House prices. In particular, selling things like Small Flame Sac and Copper Ore make money.

1. Dragonblight

This area is great for those who are above the level of 77. It is a very large area with a high amount of mobs. It is the perfect place for Warlocks, Paladins & Warriors as well as Death Knights. Monsters here have a very low level of HP, and they respawn extremely quick, making it possible to clean them up for an endless amount of gold. Furthermore, these beasts are able to drop many things, like Vendor trash such as Curved Basilisk Claw and Intact Basilisk Spine, 12 Slot Bags, and Cold Eye Basilisk, a Level 35 BoE Trinket.

Another excellent WotLK Classic Gold Farming spot can be found at Grizzly Hills. This is a great spot to advance your collecting skills because it has an extremely stable demand for material throughout the game. Examples include Blacksmithing. Engineering, and Leatherworking always in need of raw ore. This allows you to generate a great deal of gold through the Mining occupation. This is a great spot for mages, who have very little AoE damage and can eliminate groups of enemies that are in the farming zone.

2. Jadefire

The wrath and wrath and the King expansion in the works the players will be unable to find the gold they need to purchase unique/epic items for their characters. Fortunately, there are several wotlk classic gold farming spots that can help you earn your coins faster.Get the latest scoop on wotlk classic gold prices and promotions – navigate here  or explore our official site.

One of them is located in Jadefire which is the northwest part of Naxxramas. The monsters here are moderately advanced and don't replenish very often, which is why this is a great spot for those who wish the ability to brush monsters and earn gold.

Another excellent spot in Jadefire is Felwood's western part, which is home to Swamp Jaguars. These deadly felines drop a number of trash from vendors and also Runecloth as well as Felcloth. The latter one is a valuable crafting material that will fetch an astounding amount in the Auction House. The Jaguars have also dropped Wicked Claws, which can be used to skin Heavy Leather and Thick Leather. Both items can be purchased for a reasonable quantity of gold.

3. Eastern Plaguelands

If you're not hunting and would like to get started on with your gold mining as soon as possible, this is the place to be. As opposed to the other spots, this doesn't rely upon Auction House prices or the situation of the game's economy. This is a good source of vendor trash items that include Linen Cloth and uncooked Copper.

It's located on the eastern end of the Argent Dawn It is located on the eastern side of the Argent Dawn. The region was extensively destroyed by the Scourge and is home to the forested city of Stratholme. It is home to a typical instanced Dungeon (Stratholme) and used to be the dungeon for raids Naxxramas along with the micro dungeon Tyr's Hand. It also hosts an Alliance capital city Ironforge as well as Ironforge, the Horde capital of Undercity. Lighting's Hope Chapel serves as the central hub for traveling. It also has a large lake called Darrowmere Lake. The water body has been polluted and is infested by maggots, plaguebears and oozes.

4. Borean Tundra

The classic Wotlk gold farming game is a wonderful opportunity to make money while gaining increase your experience all at once. But, if you do not want to spend the time playing with monsters in openworld areas or dungeons, there are other ways to earn money through WotLK.

Another is using your mining profession. This is because jobs that require a lot of effort, such as Engineering or Leatherworking Blacksmithing require raw materials in order in order to build their gear. So, pursuing mining could be an extremely lucrative WotLK gold-making career path.

Herbalism is another field of work that can earn a lot of money for WotLK Traditional gold farming. Herbs are plentiful numbers in Grizzly Hills, as well as a handful of spots within Borean Tundra. The herb can be harvested by various mobs but you should farm them with a class that has good AoE-pulling abilities, such as Rogue or Warlock. Shadow Priests. Most commonly, the herb you can cultivate in these regions can be found in Tiger Lily, which can be located mostly within the river's stretches of Sholazar Basin and Grizzly Hills.


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